Virginia Robinson Gardens Pool Pavilion

In 2013 Cynthia Carlson Associates and interior designer, Catherine Fellowes were asked by the Friends of the Robinson Gardens to transform two 12'x12' guest rooms inside the Pool Pavilion of the historic Virginia Robinson Estate which is owned by the County of Los Angeles and listed on The National Register of Historic Places.  The Pool Pavilion was completed in 1925 and modeled after the Villa Pisani estate in Stra, Italy.   However in it's present incarnation, two guest rooms adjacent to the solarium were largely unused and the Friends badly needed an office and a caterer's kitchen.  The new cabinetry, fixtures and fittings were designed and selected to blend seamlessly with the existing interiors while incorporating modern touches such as a restaurant-style professional dishwasher installed to accommodate large, catered events. 


Photographed by Catherine Tighe